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Living Word Carlisle is an interdenominational Bible teaching event associated with the Keswick Convention, that meets under the banner "All One in Christ Jesus". This vision is to bring Christians from different backgrounds together for quality Bible teaching and worship through an annual series of meetings over 2 days normally in the second week of May.

We are a non-profit organisation organised by a local committee of Christians from different denominations, financed by collections taken at each year's series of meetings.

Meeting this year at Richard Rose Central Academy. Please take note of parking disk requirements and restrictions when attending Living Word.

All Welcome.. this Christian gathering for Bible teaching, worship and fellowship held in Richard Rose Central Academy, Victoria Place, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK.

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Dates in May - 12th/13th

Speaker:Christopher Ash

A series on "Learning to pray to the God of..." (Fri eve)
Ps.58...judgment (Sat a.m.) (Sat p.m.)
Ps.60...victory (Sat eve)

Christopher Ash is a pastor, author and writer in residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge. He was Director of the Proclamation Trust Cornhill Training Course from 2004-2015. He is married to Carolyn and they have four children and three grandchildren.

Look out for publicity in your local church,contact us for further information or download a flyer/poster.
Be a part of our local Cumbrian Christian Community, being Jesus where where we work, rest and play.
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The Speaker for 2018



(Note: these are free to listen to/download but please do not alter them in any way)

Sessions from May 2016 (Lee Gatiss)

UNASHAMED - Paul's dying words to embattled Christians - 2 Timothy

Friday Evening Celebration
Saturady Morning
Saturday Afternoon - The Life of Bisphop Edwin Grindell
Saturday Evening Celebration

Sessions from May 2015 (Tim Chester)

Session 1 - Hearing God's Name (Exodus 3)
Session 2 - Proclaiming God's Power (Exodus 7)
Session 3 - Seminar - God's Discipline (as this was interactive, there may be spells of silence in this track)
Session 4 - Seeing God's Glory (Exodus 33)

Sessions from May 2014 (Peter Maiden)

Mornings: Faith in the struggle - Psalm 27 - Part 1, Psalm 27 - Part 2, Psalm 27 - Part 3
Evenings: Singing the Lord's Song in a strange land - Daniel 1-3 Part 1, Daniel 1-3 Part 2, Daniel 1-3 Part 3

Sessions from May 2013 (Derek Tidball)

Mornings - Psalm 25, Psalm 73, Psalm 112
Evenings - "If Jesus..." Philippians 1, Philippians 2, Philippians 3

Sessions from May 2012 (David Jackman)

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The Music

There is a great tradition of worship at Living Word, so musicians and singers are welcome to join us. If you feel that you have a gift in this area, please contact us on

The Committee

  • Andy Towner - St Peters(Chairmain)
  • Jim Stobart - Wigton Road Methodist (Treasurer)
  • Paul Reynolds - Carlisle Vineyard (Venue Liaison)
  • Peter Walkingshaw - Carlisle Baptist Church (Booking Secretary)
  • Tudor Boddam-Whetham - Burgh-by-Sands (Committee Secretary)

Contact Us

Please email us on